Want To Start A Web Hosting Business??

For only RM 2,500 per month, you can now start your own full-scale professional web hosting business without worrying on any technical expertise. No more worry on budgeting as you keep 100 % revenue generated from your sales. Our charges are fixed on a monthly basis.

This programme is suitable for high-profile web designers, software developers, web portals, consultants and any businesses that would like to include web hosting as a business tool beyond "Reseller" level.

We will provide:

  1. FULL technical support to you and your clients. Our network engineers will become your technical partner. We will help you to create new web and email accounts and also to support your existing clients.
  2. ALL the necessary equipments (beside your own web server) like routers, switches, DNS Servers, Firewalls etc. You do not need to spend unnecessarily on purchasing these equipments and connectivity. Network Operating Centre alone can cost RM 11 Million to build.
  3. Internet Connectivity to an Internal backbone of 100/1,000 MBps and nationwide backbone of 2,488 MBps (2.5 GBps) OC-48 connection with a backup local backbone of 8 MBps (4 X 2 MBps). Pulling a fiber optic 2 MBps line to your own premise would have cost you at least RM 20,000 per month excluding other maintenance costs !

From our Technical Partnership Programme, you can start your own web hosting business immediately without the need to worry on technical expertise, support and expenses.

All you need to get started is to have your own web server and join our Technical Partnership Programme. Your web server is your only initial cost to get started!!

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