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A domain name is an address which allow anyone to access your website on the Internet. By allowing us to host your website, you save thousands of dollars on purchasing the necessary hardware equipment, high speed network lines and the necessary software which can total to RM30,000 or more per month. This is not a relevant amount of money to host just a single website. When we host for your website, you are allocated a web space in our servers so that your website will be accessible by anyone from the Internet.
Any Malaysian based organisations that have registered with ROC, ROB or ROS can apply for a domain. Network related businesses can apply for domain. Educational institutions and government organisations can apply for and respectively. Registration from MYNIC is not open to individuals. Individuals can apply for domain names from InterNIC.
Yes. We provide hassle free domain name registration service for you. You will be the rightful owner of the domain name, not us. We will only be the technical support. This way, you can do whatever you want with the name. Even selling it away. Some hosting companies will put themselves as the administrator of the name, not you. This way, although you are paying for the domain name, the company actually owns it. You can never do anything for that name, as it does not belong to you.
MyNIC registration for a domain name costs RM100 per year. InterNIC registration for a .com domain name costs US$35 for one year. Some registrars like charges only US$15 per year for .com domain registration. You can choose to have your domain name either from MYNIC or INTERNIC or other registrars. MyNIC or InterNIC will send you the bill via e-mail or postal mail. If the payment is not received by MIMOS Bhd (MYNIC) within 30 days, your domain name will be deactivated. These fees are separate from our bills to you.
Your domain name can be up to 24 characters excluding the extensions. Allowable characters in you domain are alphabets, numbers and the hyphen " - ". Other characters including underscore "_" is not allowed.
No. Domain names are not case sensitive. Generally, you can type "" or "" and it will work in the same manner.
Yes. We can setup this kind of domain for you. The advantage of having this is that you won't need to register with MYNIC or INTERNIC. There will not be any registration fees. This kind of address is by far better looking than having a subdomain for your website i.e.
Yes. We can setup sub-domains for you. There will not be any fees charged by MYNIC or INTERNIC for sub-domains. We will charge a lower setup fee for sub-domains.
When we register for a domain name from MYNIC or INTERNIC, there will be an administrative person for each of the domain name. This person will be the rightful owner to the domain name. We will state that you are the rightful owner for the domain name. Some web hosting companies put themselves as the Administrative Contact. In this case, although you have access to your website, you don't own the website. This is cheating as you may never move the domain to another host or sell it away if someone offers you a lot of money for the domain name. You can check the Administrative Contact for your domain name by using the "Whois" command or we can check for you upon request.
Yes. Just fill in the ordering form from our website. You can also request for a copy from us by contacting any of our sales representatives.
Yes. By using our servers, your website can be reached by anyone on the Internet both with and without the "www" in front of your domain name. I.e. "" is the same as "".
Yes. We can help you to transfer your existing domain for us to hosting. There will not be any extra charges on that. As an encouragement, we even provide a one full month of free hosting for you. However, if your existing hosting company registered themselves as the Administrative Contact for your website, you may not be able to transfer your domain to anywhere as you will not be the rightful owner to the domain.
There will be around 48 hours or less for us to setup the server. Once its ready, you may start to upload your website to a temporary directory while waiting for your domain name to be approved by the respective Registrars. Upon approval of domain, your website will be automatically transferred by us to you domain site. Domain registration under InterNIC will take around 48 hours. MYNIC registration will take around 7 days. Your domain will only be activated when the Registrar receives your full payment.
For setting up sub-domain such as "" and "", there will be around 24 hours before your account is ready. This is much faster as there's no registration necessary from MYNIC or INTERNIC.
For domain name .my, MYNIC requires you to respond to their mail via e-mail stating that the information is correct. You should reply to them to verify this only after checking the form that will be send to you by MYNIC. After that, you need to submit your Company's Registration form via fax along with your company's stamp, your signature and the requested domain name. The detailed guidelines will be sent to you from MYNIC. As for domain name .com, INTERNIC will just ask you to verify the domain application via e-mail.
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