Web Development

Yes. We provide several web designing packages for you to choose. These packages are specifically designed to suit your company's requirement and at a very reasonable price.
Yes, we can design your websites incorporated in latest web technologies such as Javascript, CGI, Perl, Active X, Dynamic HTMLs, Shockwave and many more. These technologies are incorporated into your website depending on the packages you choose.
Yes, you may develop your website yourself or by any other party. We offer very attractive web hosting packages to host your website. In this way, you only pay for the hosting services. Our web hosting packages is considered the lowest priced in Malaysia.
You can simply fill in the Ordering Form and we will get back to you. You can also contact any of our sales representatives for an appointment. We will discuss with you on how you would like your website to be. When designing for you, we will constantly notify you on the outcome so that you will be well informed on how informative and the design of your website will be.
Depending on the complexity of your website. We will set a due date for the completion of the website. We will submit the design for hosting before the due date. If we failed to complete the website within this period, we will provide a full refund to you. This is our guarantee on our commitment and products quality.
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